Tuesday, January 22, 2008


PCT Tactics Module 3

Work has been very busy as of late and I have done very little blogging and commenting on other's blogs. But I have continued with the exercises in PCT Tactics Module 3 and completed it this morning.

Since getting the software on August 9, 2007 I have completed three Tactics modules and 1 Strategy module for a total of 4*51 units = 204 units in 167 days or 1.22 units per day. I don't expect to keep up that pace going forward.

What is my next step? Tactics Module 4? Strategy Module 2? Reviewing each of the completed modules before moving forward? Taking a break?

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I did about 25 units of Tactics Module 1, in PCT 2.0. I got sick of doing only checkmate problems, so switched to CTB. Just wondering, is there a stretch of units that is focused more on non-checkmate tactics, that you could point me to? (Maybe I should give PCT another try...) Thanks! -- Hank
If you quit your job, you'd have more time for chess. Isn't that what unemployment and/or welfare is for?
Anon: Most of the problems through Module 3 have checkmate as the theme.

lep: Maybe I could get thrown into a cushy federal prison?
I clarify that last comment; most of module 1 and 2 are checkmate. I'd say most of module 3 are non-checkmate.

Haven't got to module 4-6 though.
Thanks for the tips! - maybe I'll give module 3 a try. -- Hank
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