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Publishing Games with ChessBase

In the comments to my previous post, Anonymous asks:
When I generate javascript for multiple games in ChessBase 8.0, I get separate playing boards. How do you generate one board with multiple links below, like your problem boards.

I have used trial and error to get the result I want and if I go too long in-between publishing games with ChessBase I may forget and need to experiment again. So, for the benefit of Anonymous and myself (when I forget, yet again, what settings I use), here is the process I use for publishing games with ChessBase 8.0.

From the main Database Window, open a database (double-clicking it is one way),

This opens the Games Window for that database listing the games in that database. Select the games you want to output:

Select "Output ->"
Select "HTML + Javascript Replay..."

Select the options as shown here:

Click OK and save, specifying a "main" file name. The main file and other files using the "main" name as a prefix for the full file name will be generated and saved. Now just open the main file in a browser and you can replay through any of the games.

Other references:
ChessBase Service and Download

ChessBase Main Page
Use the search window. "Lopez" will find many great articles by Steve Lopez on using ChessBase and "Workshop" will turn up many related articles.
thank you Glenn. i am quite experienced with chessBase, but never had the publishing side down very good--there.

question. big question. i did these steps and accomplished the result. but, pray tell, HOW do you take the four resultant files and publish those to html?

i know to open the files at txt or word files or wordpad, and can view the html, but, it seems to me, that you show your four games, but there are four files to back it up, one for each game. that is to say, even if you had ONE game shown, there would be four files, not to confuse things...

so, the usual juggernaught: how in the heck do you not only read those, which i can do, by finding by sampling the one that words as a java aplet, is it, but how do you take the html and publish it to blogger SO that it READS the game file????

the million dollar question, if you dont mind? please, this would be of enormous help.

warmest, dk

If I understand what you are asking the "trick" to publishing this to the web and linking to it from a blogger post is to have a web site to publish it to. I do not think that you can do this directly via blogger, hosted on their web site (but since I do not do that, maybe there is a way but I do not know of it).

In my case, for the "fourproblems" post CB generated nine files, all beginning with "fourproblems". I used ftp to copy those to the directory where I publish my replayable games which is the games folder under my web site root directory. Then, in the blogger post I use an html link to the main file, in this case: http://glennwilson.com/games/fourproblems.htm

For you to do the same for your blogger hosted site I think that you would need an alternate web site where you could copy those files to and then link to that site from your blogger post.


I have chessbase 8.0, but I don't get frames tab?
Anon: All I can suggest is that you try publishing via the exact sequence I gave above. If that is what you are doing and you do not get the frames tab, then .... I don't know.
Thanks for the instructions. I didn't know that could be done. I'm gonna use that for multiple games. I FTP the files to a site directory also.
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