Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Christmas Treats

We have two Christmas treats for you courtesy of ChessBase. First, their traditional annual ChessBase Christmas Puzzle (with animated Christmas card). Update: Here is their Christmas Puzzle Calendar with all of the 2007 Christmas Season puzzles.

Second, it looks like the KPFT interview with Anand is on hold. That may change and we'll let you know if it does. But, ChessBase brings us this Personal Video Portrait of World Champion Anand.
One of our favourite stories is about when he was travelling in a train and was asked by a fellow passenger what he did. Anand said he was a chess player. "But you are also studying somewhere," the man asked. "No, I'm just a chess player," he replied. "You have a job on the side?" "No, just a chess player." This went on for a while until the passenger said: "The life of a professional sports person is difficult, you should think carefully about it. Now if you were Viswanathan Anand it would be different..."

Enjoy. Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth.


So the guy knew enough about the chess world to know the name of Anand, but didn't recognize him while talking to him?

I guess it's possible, maybe the guy was just having a frozen brain day.
How's tactics module 3 going? The first few units of the PCT Strategy module were great. After I finish studying How to Reassess Your Chess I will have to go through them all.
Hi likesforests,

I am currently on module 3 unit 39. I expect to have module 3 done this month. Then, I think I will redo the last unit of each of the modules I have completed, for review, before starting a new unit.
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