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USCF Results Tool

a great tool by Wayne Zimmerle. Ever wondered who you have played the most, the highest rated player you beat etc? It's all there.
Getting to 2000

What is this tool whereof he speaks?

The MSA data program simply downloads the data for the selected individual USCF member to his or her computer and then analyses it to present the data in various ways. available from

So, what can it do? It took me about ten minutes to download the software, install the software, download my data from the USCF and produce:

This is data from 01-01-1991 to 11-17-2007

Current Official rating is 2031
Current UnOfficial rating is 2031
Best Unofficial rating = 2041
Best Official rating = 2041
Lowest rating on record = 1936
103 Opponents
Total Rated Games = 196 ---> 114 Wins 21 Draws 61 Losses

Best Upset = 280 points -- CLARENCE C YEUNG -- 2216 TUGGLE MEMORIAL 07-19-1992
Best Draw = 391 points -- MICK BIGHAMIAN -- 2359 HCC U2000 OPEN 05-02-1993

Highest Rated Opponent Win = B L PATTESON -- 2249 CHEAPO 04-26-1992
Highest Rated Opponent Draw = MICK BIGHAMIAN -- 2387 FRIDAY NITE RAPID 05-15-1992

Most Recent Wins in a row = 10 ending on 02-08-2002 at HCC- FRIDAY NITE ACTION 2/8
Most Recent Draws in a row = 2 ending on 08-11-2007 at 20070811 HCC SAT OPEN
Most Recent Losses in a row = 4 ending on 08-28-1992 at FRI RAPID
(and lots more stats and analysis)

My only objection so far is not the fault of the software. It is that the online USCF records only go back to 1991. I think my first published ratings in the 1970's was in the 1200-1300 range. I think it was around 1600-1700 in 1980. I improved by playing at the Houston Chess Club in the late eighties and first crossed 2000 sometime around 1990.


Nice Post. Crossing 2000 in the 1990's... I'm stuck in the 1600's

How old were you when you crossed over?
BP: I turned 32 in 1990. I'm vague as to when I first crossed 2000 but I think it must have been around then.
I noticed you left out the worse loss and draw portion of the report generated by the program. :-

It's too bad the history doesn't go further back then 1991. My MSA history has no record of my peak rating.

The software does not generate the worst draw stats automatically in the summary but it is easy to sort the table of results to find:

My worst difference draw was to Stormy Newton when I was 2027 and he was 1377. He is also my lowest rated draw on record.

My worse loss was to DANIYAR IMANKULOV. There is a story there. He won the North American Open for under 1400 with a perfect score in 2002. He finished second in the Under 1600 31st World Open (Polly Wright was the TD). But it is a story for another time...
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