Sunday, November 18, 2007


Questions for World Champion Anand?

Have you ever had the chance to interview the World Chess Champion? Or even ask him one question? Are there questions you would want to ask? Here is your chance!

World Chess Champion GM Viswanathan Anand is coming to Houston. At least his voice is. He has agreed to be interviewed on the Border Crossings radio show on KPFT 90.1 FM in Houston. Even if you are not in Houston, you can listen live on your computer.

Border Crossings is every Wednesday at 10-11 pm Central Time.

A good friend of mine is producing the show and he will check out the comments here for ideas for questions. From his email:

As far as the interview itself goes - some of the things I was planning to discuss with him were of course related to chess -- about computers, computers vs humans, about the large number of Indian GMs who came behind him, issues like the FIDE split, reunification, cheating (there was a lot of press recently about this) etc. On broader subjects, Kasparov and Russia elections and how the chess community is reacting to it, state of chess in the US, future as he sees for chess, chess variants that might become more popular (speed chess, blindfold etc), role for chess in education, how sports other than cricket do in India etc. One of the things I was thinking for questions from the web was to have these in a rapid-fire format say something like 10 questions in spend 10-15 minutes. Of course, I am sure there will be some serious and very interesting and may be even technical (about chess) questions that might come from the web folks... So any sort of questions should be fine, but not sure if we will be able to ask all the questions.

I'll update this post with the date of the show when that has been firmed up.
A topic I am interested in and would be interested in his views on are teaching children chess.

Should children be taught chess?
How should one go about it?
What age to start?
What does he think of the Polgar approach?
How much time did he spend on chess as a child?
What does the daily routine of a world champion look like? For some reason, I doubt he's doing The Circles with PCT or CT-Art :)

But on a more serious note, I'd like to know his thoughts on FIDE as an organization. From all I can tell, it seems like many (if not most) GM's disapprove of the way FIDE is run, yet Kirsan Ilyumzhinov got reelected as president of FIDE last year. Is this the best the chess world can do?
I like Chessaholic's question, "What does the daily routine of a world champion look like?" It would be fascinating to know how many hours per day he studies, how he studies, and what else he does to balance himself (eg jogging or meditation).
Chessaholic / likesforests : Yes, it would be interesting to know his regular daily routine and any special preparation he does for tournaments or matches.
1. Does he ever get bored of chess since so much seems rote and explored?

2. Has he practiced holding his bladder to prevent any controversy in the next world championship?
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