Saturday, November 10, 2007


Nigel Davies on the Moron

Chessbase has a new DVD out by GM Nigel Davies on the Moron. Evidently they have some marketing savvy as they have decided to not use the name Moron and chose 1. ...d6 Universal instead.

1...d6 can be used as a universal defence against every White opening, offering Black the kind of dynamic play that is absent from more traditional defences.

But I know a Moron when I see one. And this one looks good. I just might have to get this DVD.

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Hmmm. Maybe I'll look more closely as I am not all that happy with the QGD. I prefer a more tactical game, and from what you've said the Moron provides it.
Oh, wait, it transposes to the Pirc? Yuck. I'll stick with the QGD. :O
The Moron is really ideal if the Pirc and KID is already in your repertoire because it will frequently transpose into one of those. When it doesn't transpose Black often gets an excellent but unusual position.

If you do not want a Pirc or KID then the Moron is not for you.

But, BDK, if you are looking for a tactical alternative to the QGD, how about the Budapest Gambit?
I've never seen the Budapest Gambit. I'll check it out.
BDK: You should ask Tempo about the Budapest. He always seems to get a bit misty eyed when he gets to play it. :D
I bet Nigel'd get more sales if he called it the Moron. Who wouldn't want to study that? Except, perhaps, for those pour souls who derive no joy from the Pirc. ;)
>I bet Nigel'd get more sales if he called it the Moron.

I'm not so sure - "New defence - learn to play like a Moron!!!"

I've played the KID and pirc, I may check this out.

At first I thought this was about Smith-Morra which in college we refered to as the Smith Moron Gambit. Since I play like a moron against the Smith-Morra I thought this might be my kind of DVD.

PS. Am I blind or does the word verification make you do it twice before allow the comment. I almost never get it on the first try.
Polly, yes I also often have that problem with the word verification.
I was going to make a joke about old people needing their glasses. Then realization hit: I'm only about 12 years from presbyopia myself.

Then again, based on a couple pictures, I may already have more grey hairs than Polly.

(Oh, and I've had the verification problem sporadically as well.)
Eyeglasses? See my main page...
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