Sunday, October 21, 2007


ICC Blitz

My rating at ICC is currently about the mid 1500s. My personal best there is 1699 on June 12, 2007. I only play blitz and generally 1 3 (one minute for the game plus 3 seconds per move). I often pay no attention to my ICC rating but I have decided I should try to raise my rating to a new personal best. My last 11 ICC games are on the sidebar or at this link. These have been lightly analyzed by Fritz.

My intent is to look at these 11 games closer for clues on how to improve my results at this ICC time control. The things I think I already know are 1) actually knowing openings can help a lot at blitz and 2) I need to work on my time management: keep point 3 from this post from BDK in mind. I hope that posting my embarassing low rating (compared to my USCF correspondence Master rating and USCF OTB Expert rating) should motivate me to improve my ICC blitz rating.

The third thing I need to work on is arrogance (a variation on playing the board not the rating from BDK's post above). I think I am better than my rating there. I am playing opponents near that rating so I think I am better than them. I tend to think there is no trouble I can get into that I can't find a way out of. I just realized that I may be doing that. Hmm....

Let's look closer at the first of these games: Misschess-GlennWilson Sept 22, 2007. I was black, the opening is a Pirc. I have the advantage after the opening. There follows tactics on the g-file far too complicated to follow (especially at blitz). I am fortunate and win.

Here is the final position; White lost on time here. Black has nasty threats based on discovered checks. What is White's best defense in this position? What should Black do against that best defense?

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nice post,

and clearly you are among those who 'work' at chess.

i added your link two weeks ago, and checking back in. regards, david in seattle
Hard for white to do anything constructive. The only thing I could find was to stop the discovered check with the white queen on f4, but white's position is still hopeless after the exchanges.
david:Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I 'work' at chess. I'd rather it all came easily but, for me, it does not.

samuraipawn:With best play black will win here, but white has some defensive resources. After Qf4, though, black takes twice on g2 (with check) then Qxf4 leaves him up a queen. If you play over the game (link in the post) Fritz reveals the move in the final position (and a couple of possible continuations).
I can imagine your frantic efforts to get that one point when having 1699:)

Nf4 and Qxh4+ seem to be defensive resources.
Temposchlucker: At the time getting to and past 1700 seem inevitable. :(

Right. Nf4 and if then Rxg1 Qxh4+. None of which I saw during the game, of course.
I need to work on tactics, so here are my thoughts:

1.Nf4 Rxg1 2.Qxh4 Kg6 3.Kxg1 and White has drawing chances!

1.Nf4 Rxg1 2.Qxg1 Rxg1 3.Kxg1 Qxf4 -+
1.Qxg3 Qxg3+ 2.Kh1 Qxh3#
1.Kh1 Rh3#
Fritz also likes 1. Nf4 also, with the continuation

1.Nf4 R8g5 -+
1...R8g5!, that's clever.
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