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ICC Blitz #3

Like the other posts in the series, the games can be found on the sidebar as the first link in the top box under games archives: ICC Misc Sept-Oct 2007. This post is looking at game # 3 (3 from the bottom in the list once you get to the games archive) : JuanCarrill0 - GlennWilson. Today's game is the first we are looking at in which I lose. The selected eleven games are just the most recent ICC Blitz games I had played when I started this series.

Blitz Strategy
First a digression on blitz strategy. This post by temposchlucker led me to where one can find in Live Blitz Game # 78 the observation that The Pirc is very difficult to play in blitz games . It is cramped and requires patience and careful defense. Perhaps it is not the best choice for blitz? I'll have to consider that as I play the Pirc in blitz.

Like today's game. Technically, I guess it is not a Pirc (?) but it starts off with a Pirc move order. I'm fine after the opening:

White sac's a piece for an attack; does not follow through correctly; I defend and get to a winning position (I'm up a piece and White has nothing). It is Black's move in the diagram below:

What is Black's best move here? Not a combination but just good, simple chess. Can you guess what I played here (not the best move)?

I lost this game. Why? Ok, the tactical error at the end. But, am I asking for that kind of trouble by playing the Pirc in blitz?

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1...Bg7 looks ok.

1...Qf7? 2.Qh8# could have happened, as well as 1...Rh7 2.Qg6+ Qg7? 3.Rxh7 and the rook is just gone (3...Qxg6 4.fxg6)

kind regards,
I thought 1...Rh7, forcing a major piece trade, which would strongly benefit Black. My lines:

1...Rh7 2.Qg4+ Qg7 3.Qf3 Bb7... and the trade can't be stopped. If he still tries to fight it 4.Rg3 Bxf3 5.Rxg7 Rxg7 6.gxf4 White comes out way ahead.

1...Rb7 2.Qf3 Bb7

1...Rb7 2.Qg6 Qg7

Fritz refuted that last line. :( 3...Rb7?! 2.Qg6! Qg7? 3.Rxh7 Qxg6 4.fxg6 and What I missed is that White's rook is no longer en prise. White has stolen the advantage.
1...Bb7, improving your position with a gain of tempo.
svensp: Yes, I think Bb7 does the job, nicely. If I had my head about me I would have played it instead of, you guessed it, Qf7?? What was I thinking!

likesforests: Rh7 is a reasonable move and far better than what I played. As you point out it is not the best, but it is a reasonable move.
Have you seen all the blitz videos? Can you say something about in what areas a grandmaster is better in blitz than you?
I have just watched a few, about ten. The one on the Pirc caught my eye.

GMs are better than me in blitz in the opening, the middlegame, the endgame, tactics, general chess knowledge and strategy. But, I think the biggest difference, or the one that makes the most difference, is ..... tactics. The tactics appear to be effortless and seamless to the GM because they see so much so fast compared to non-masters. Because the tactics are effortless and seamless to their game it is easy to miss.

I have played GMs (and IMs and Sr. Masters and Masters) at blitz and slower time controls and the difference is tactical vision and ability.

I really do not think one can underestimate the importance of tactics. But then, you knew I was going to say that. :)
Yeah, I just have to find out if you mean tactical tactics or positional tactics:)
Concrete tactical tactics. Other things make a difference but that is the biggest one.
That is very interesting. Although he is clearly better at tactical tactics, I hadn't the idea that the gap is unbridgeable. I see a huge difference in positional tactics though.
You may be right, but I think that some/most of what you see as "positional tactics" he sees as concrete "tactical tactics."

Having said that, there is also clearly a class of moves that are in the improve the position of my pieces category when there are no concrete "tactical tactics." These are either of the "positional tactics" mode or the vague (not concrete) "tactical tactics" mode and some fall somewhere in-between.
glenn, good regular blogging is nice to read, and, no matter how great a blog, folks who are eratic diminish my interest. i keep an active watch on links, and constantly move locations.

i just moved you WAY up. wonderful blog. warm regards, dk
Thanks DK. I hope I can live up to the expectations. :)
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