Monday, October 22, 2007


ICC Blitz #2

Here is the second of the eleven ICC blitz games I am taking a closer look at : GlennWilson-Misschess Sept 22, 2007. The time control is 1 3 (1 minute plus 3 seconds per move). It is #2 from the bottom in the list of games at this link. You can replay this game in your browser and you can click the text moves (and analysis) of the game and the diagram will sync up with that move.

I was white, the opening is a Sicilian Smith-Morra. My position is fine after the opening. I'm castled and black will have trouble developing the kingside so even though I'm down a pawn I think I am at least even.

I play against my opponents center and uncastled king. Black finally castles:

White to move and win.

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I think I'm missing an attack. I'd just play Qxg6 and then start trading. Is there a more direct attack?
Easy! Qxg6 Qxg6 Nxe7+ wins.
BDK and likesforests:
Yes, Qxg6 is the key move. Perhaps this one is too easy...
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