Saturday, October 20, 2007


Circles Update

After completing Module 2 of PCT and then experimenting with Module 3 and Module 6 I ultimately decided to go ahead and complete Module 1 as my next task. I had initially skipped Module 1 after doing a few exercises as I deemed it as too easy for me. While I do still find Module 1 to be easy my attitude towards the value of lots of practice of easy problems has changed. Anyway, after wandering aimlessly for awhile I am back in the saddle again and making firm progress in Module 1.

On another note, as experienced by Rocky Rook and described in the post
Need for Consistency I was away from Chess Tempo Server for awhile and experienced a quick 200 point rating drop on my return.

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Thanks for the comment Glenn. As I tell my wife whenever she asks me what I'm going to do for the day, I say, "two things absolutly need to be done ... I need to run and I need to work on my tactics." Those things are right up there with eating and sleeping. :-)

By the way, I assume you live in the Houston area because of your blog title and links to the HCC. My boss keeps telling me that the company will eventually move us to Houston. Right now it looks like we'll be there sometime early 2009. We live just up I-45 in Dallas. When we do move there, I'll have to stop by the HCC sometime.

Running is overrated. :)

Look us up if you make it to Houston.
Good to see you plugging away. It is amazing to me how easy it is to miss mate in 2 in real games.
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