Saturday, September 29, 2007


Circles Update

I completed PCT Tactics Module 2 on August 25. After that I explored a couple of possibilities for my next circle. I bought and installed CT-ART but it does not run (I will revisit this at some point). I explored a tactics unit from PCT Module 6. I ultimately decided to back up and do all of Tactics Module 1 as my next training. I have now completed the first nine units in PCT Tactics Module 1.

Thanks to Likesforests for prompting in the comments me to post an update on my circles progress.

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I've done PCT module 1 and most of 2.

While I really like the program and concept, it seems like they're all mates.

Do the later modules start with regular tactics? If so, you know where? I'm not sure I'm excited about doing 7200 more mates after module two, lol. (Yes, I added it up - each problem is done 10 times exactly.)

Thanks for any input.

The vast majority of the combinations have had mate as the end point. I do recall a few offhand that had winning a piece as the point.

I don't recall specifically if the module 6 exercises were different (but there were more "side lines" where there is material gain instead of mate).
I jumped ahead to module 3 and did a few - they were mostly combos. Hopefully that will remain the theme!


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