Thursday, August 16, 2007


The "T-House"

A new comment in an old post about chess meetups:

The "T-House," 10826 Grant Rd., Houston, 77070 has extended an invitation to [orderly] chess players to meet there to play. Bring your own equipment. It's a small place, enough for perhaps 8 boards, but very pleasant.

They make sandwiches, tea, coffee, smoothies, and various interesting beverages like milk tapioca tea, etc..

[I suggest that if you take advantage of these nice people's hospitality, you buy your beverages and food there at the time.]

Wednesdays and sometimes on Mondays, play testers for board games in the making meet there, and the T-House has stayed open late to facilitate their play.

The phone number is 281-970-4434, in case you'd like to check with them. However, unless many are going, just showing up is probably OK.

Happy chess playing!

Loy Nunn

Thanks Loy!


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