Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Chess Tempo Tactics Server

In addition to doing training with PCT I am using Chess Tempo Tactics Server. My rating has surged up lately, breaking 2300 for the first time:

You can see my current stats (and a better image) here (and it is likely different than when I posted this). I am following some of LikesForests advice from this post and trying to go slower.

Anyway, is the Chess Tempo rating surge just part of the normal rating ebb and flow, or because I am using Chess Tempo more, or because I am using PCT or due in part to everything I am doing?

Update: About 24 hours later I broke 2400 with a new personal best of 2401.


Good work!
Awesome. I noticed you're the second most active user today.

How much time per problem do they give you?

That looks like you took a picture with a camera and posted it :)
At blitz you can take as much time as you want per problem but speed counts. Based on the problem rating and the average time to solve then your time is involved in the calculation. Of course the answer has to be right. The times vary per problem to a few seconds to a few minutes. :-)

They also have a standard option that I have never used in which time is totally irrelevant. I think.

It is a screen shot of their java script drawn graph. It looks better on their site.
Sweet! Your times for Module 2 look quite good.
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