Saturday, July 21, 2007


Chess Clocks

The new USCF clock rules describe the rules around clocks in USCF chess tournaments and it contains a link to the Setting Digital Clocks page with instructions for setting many brands of digital clocks.

To set my Duel Timer + for a Game in 25 minutes with 5 second delay per move I turn on the clock while pressing "Set B". Then click "Set B" five times and the delay in seconds counts up in the right hand display to "5". Then press the "Preset/Reset" button. And click "Set A" 25 times and "Set B" 25 times or press and hold them down as they count up to 25. Both displays now show "25:05" . Voila! Press black's button to start the game.

To play a second game at the same time control, the link above reminds me : Once set, the DUEL TIMER, can be reset to play the same game again by clearing and then pressing the preset/reset button.
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