Thursday, May 06, 2004


Chess Meetups

Anyone with information on Chess clubs, chess gatherings formal or informal that are open to the public, pass them on and we will note them here. From a recent email exchange (edited) ... And no, I have not attended any of these -- any other feedback?
I found the link to your site from What meetup's around Houston
are you aware of. The only place I know about is the Houston Chess Club ...
Rob Hill

Following are a few links with some chess "meetup" type of information. I
have no first hand knowledge of any of these. If you across anything
specific that would benefit from some publicity pass it along and I'll
post it on my website.
Sugar Land Chess
"From Mark Dejmek via email:
One thing I will send in to your website is just an ad for my little club in
Sugar Land. (Monday nights 7-10 pm, 3232 Austin Parkway). Mostly casual
blitz and king-of-the-hill, but I was thinking I might have a blitz
tournament there one of these weeks, just to give people who haven't been
there an excuse to check it out."
Chess Links
Space City Chess
1960 Chess
I went to the one @ 1960 today and there were 6-7 people playing (3
boards 'cos only 3 tables). So you don't go to any of these meetups?
I will check out the links.
The "T-House," 10826 Grant Rd., Houston, 77070 has extended an invitation to [orderly] chess players to meet there to play. Bring your own equipment. It's a small place, enough for perhaps 8 boards, but very pleasant.

They make sandwiches, tea, coffee, smoothies, and various interesting beverages like milk tapioca tea, etc..

[I suggest that if you take advantage of these nice people's hospitality, you buy your beverages and food there at the time.]

Wednesdays and sometimes on Mondays, play testers for board games in the making meet there, and the T-House has stayed open late to facilitate their play.

The phone number is 281-970-4434, in case you'd like to check with them. However, unless many are going, just showing up is probably OK.

Happy chess playing!

Loy Nunn
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