Wednesday, December 31, 2003


Texas Open Results

The Texas Open Results are here.

Tied with 4 points for 1st & 2nd Place plus 1st & 2nd U2200: Michael Feinstein, John Patty, Mitch Vergara, John Hendrick, ($225 each)
Tied with 3 points for 1st & 2nd Place U2000: J.P. Hyltin, Steven Young, Andres Hortillosa, William Ong, ($60 each)

Tied for 1st & 2nd Place (5 points): Eric Jerdon, Victor A. Flores, ($180 each)
1st Place U1600 (3.5 points): David Christiansen, ($160)
Tied for 2nd Place U1600 (3 points): Frank Roberts, Brian Carr, Dan Liu, G-Su Paek, Walter Peterson, Juan Lopez, 3.0 ($11.67 each)
Tied for 1st & 2nd Place U1400 (3 points): Michael LaBelle, Drew Sowersby, ($90 each)
Tied for Unrated prize (2.5 points): Juan Brandi, Daniel Franci, ($50 each)
Tip from Steven Young.
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