KnightVision mobile is my latest project and it is a free, fun and exciting chess based game that can be enjoyed by chess players and non-chess players alike. Play your chess piece against an array of enemy pawns and capture them all without getting captured or running out of time! The levels of play range from the simplest possible to highly complicated puzzles. In Zombie mode, new pawns keep coming!

Download it from the Apple Store: Apple Store

Download it from the Google Play Store: Google Play Store

In KnightVision you can "choose your weapon" and use any piece: Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen, or King against the pawn army!

The Knight is the most difficult chess piece for beginners to learn. Even experienced players may need deep thought to figure out a path that will move the Knight to a desired square. KnightVision is designed to help chess beginners and advanced players improve their play.

KnightVision: Introduction

KnightVision: Playing with a Bishop and QuickChange

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